What’s Your Story?

If your house is getting you down and you just don’t know where to start, then I’d like to introduce you to the practice of House Reading. It’s a 5 part system that puts you completely under the spotlight and guides you through how to tailor-make a brand spanking new creative identity.

We’ll get back to basics with your character (yes I’ve just turned you into a film), analyse how you’ve selected your props, open up the doors to your costume department and study the way you decorate your sets. You’ll travel back in time, make friends with the present, then know how to activate where you want to go next.

It’s a glistening pool of interior and lifestyle design fundamentals - with a dash of Scientific Feng Shui (no weird frogs or compasses here) that comes with a series of short videos, downloadable manuals, colour and object guides and a bunch of print outs that will help you decide what you want, get your house in order and re-hydrate your creative spirit.

Let’s fight off the dull beasts of boredom with a new box of tools - and turn chaos into clarity.